Covidgate: Health minister Obadiah Moyo arrested… implicated officials turn into key state witnesses

  • Health ministry former perm sec Mahomva turns into key State witness
  • During investigations Finance ministry perm Sec Guvamatanga cleared his name

Health minister Obadiah Moyo has been finally arrested and charged with criminal abuse of office in a covid-19 procurement scandal.

Moyo, who was initially summoned on Thursday evening by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) where charges were read to him, was finally arrested Friday evening and is currently detained at Rhodesville Police station.

Sources said the underfire minister is likely to appear in court on Saturday.

Insiders also told the Zim Morning Post that some of the implicated government officials such as his former permanent secretary Agness Mahomva and Finance ministry secretary George Guvamatanga are likely to turn into key State witnesses.

During investigations Guvamatanga produced correspondences which showed he raised a redflag against the deal but “his hands were tied and went ahead to accept to pay for the procured covid-19 test kits,” opined the source.

The source also said Mahomva, on the other hand, accused Moyo of interference and sending “handwritten notes with instructions.”

As was reported with this publication, Moyo did not follow security advice where offixials from the president’s office said the company, Drax international, failed security vettings and was not in a capacity to be awarded the procurement tenders.

The ball is now in Moyo’s court because he was key in defending and instructing the other government officials to work with Drax.”


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