Corrupt appointments rock ZimParks


Corrupt appointments rock ZimParks

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority is in the eye of a storm over gross nepotism in employment matters, Zim Morning Post can report.

Those said to have been kicked up include Edward Chitiyo, Fainos Chuma, Alec Dangare, Fanuel Chikande, Timothy Kuguyu, Gift Kuora, Roseline Mandisodza and Arthur Musakwa.

Chitiyo was appointed into ZimParks from outside grade D1 to within D3, where he is now a ParksMed economist.

According to information available to Zim Morning Post, Chitiyo got his way into the ZimParks inner circle via nepotism.

It is said when Chitiyo snapped the job, there was no advertisement that was flighted for the job, with only a new position created.

There are reports also that the position of economist for ZimParks was recommended at the beheast of then board vice chairperson, Ida Mpamhanga, and that no interviews were held to that effect.

Then there was also the appointment from outside of one Fainos Chuma to within the D3 – D5 grade as Corporate Secretary, a position which requires one to hold a legal qualification.

But information availed to this publication has it that Chuma did not get the job regularly, rather through imposition by previous board directors.

This probably explains how Chuma found his way back to grade D5 after Mpamhanga returned to ZimParks following a demotion to D4 as punishment for revealing official secrets.

But Chuma could, however, neither confirm nor deny the allegations of incompetence levelled against him, rather referring this publication to Tinashe Farawo, the ZimParks public relations manager.

“I think you can ask the public relations manager your question,” Chuma said.

There is also the controversy surrounding special assignment manager, Alec Dangare’s employment into within the D5 grade straight from being a general hand, ranger, then officer to D2.

There are allegations that Dangare has serious financial incompetences and has even had his salary garnished by ZimParks Finance for lack of acquittal of authority and donor funds.

But an anonymous source within ZimParks denied the allegations against Dangare, saying it was the prerogative of the ZimParks director general (DG) to give special assessments to anyone without them specifically being qualified.

“It is at the prerogative of the DG that such positions are assigned,” said the anonymous ZimParks source.

 The case also of Timothy Chiguyo is not any different from others.

Chiguyo came into office at grade C5 and was reportedly appointed to grade D3 following an alleged flawed interview at the instigation and influence of the board where he was the worst performer.

It is alleged also that Gift Kuora, the audit manager, wriggled his way to grade D5 through unclear circumstances.

Kuora allegedly used his audit records to nail director general Chidziya although the latter came out of it with a fight of his life.

Roseline Mandisodza and Arthur Musakwa were said to be others implicated in the ZimParks rot.

The appointment to chief operations officer of Arthur Musakwa (D5-E1) was allegedly flawed, with nepotism and corruption said to be his trump cards.

According to sources, Musakwa was a favourite of former DG Chidziya and so was kept in charge as chief operations officer even when it was reportedly clear that he was not performing well.

“These seven cases are the known (ones) and can be confirmed with records. They can also be witnessed by those who were involved. These people have capacity issues and are responsible for disharmony as they continue to pay homage to their promoters and failing to fit-well in a system that now recognises meritocracy. We want a corrupt-free Department of National Parks and these issues should be investigated and perpetrators brought to book” said the Zim Morning Post source who preferred anonymity.

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Corrupt appointments rock ZimParks

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