Coronavirus: Traditional healers rubbish non-compliance rants

TRADITIONAL healers say they remain guided by government and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zimbabwe National Healers Association (Zinatha) president George Kandiero pushed back speculative reports that traditional healers were exacerbating the spread of the novel corona virus through practise (at their shrines) that is divorced from the global stipulated preventative measures.

The traditional healers body told Zim Morning Post that it had advised all its members to conform to government directives aimed at mitigating the effects of COVID-19 whose devastating effects has cut across the social strata worldwide.

“We have urged all our members and traditional healers to follow the recommendations by government and WHO which include observing social distance and maintaining good personal hygiene,” said Kandiero.

“All traditional healers who abide to Zinatha constitution have committed to stop practicing traditional routines like mabira which attracts crowds and large gatherings. We must all act in solidarity despite of religious beliefs in this fight against COVID-19,” added Kandiero.

“In those in rural areas where there are challenges to access sanitizers, we encourage traditional healers to provide traditional medicines such as chizumbane that is popularly used to clean our hands. “These traditional herbs like chizumbane are regularly used at a funerals to clean our hands after coming from the burial,” he explained.

Traditional healer and herbalist Sekuru Kamwelo Banda threw his weight behind Kandiero and said he will go further and provide immune boosting herbs in the fight against COVID-19.

“We encourage each other to do as the government says, we are not supposed to be found offside during the time of national disasters but to work with the government in the fight,” said Sekuru Banda.

“Recently I have launched a program that is assisting the underprivileged and elderly people countrywide through providing groceries and cash. I encourage those who can help to chip in. This is not the fight of the government alone,we need to help as citizens, this is a national and global crisis. We have never witnessed such a situation before so we need to be strong and united to conquer this pandemic,” said Banda.