You are currently viewing Cimas Medlabs acquires cutting-edge Gene Sequencing Machine  

Cimas Medlabs acquires cutting-edge Gene Sequencing Machine  

Cimas Health Group’s MEDLABS, one of the country’s renowned providers of diagnostic and medical laboratory services, joins the world in commemorating the Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (Lab Week) 2024.  

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (Lab Week) is an annual commemoration that honours the contributions of medical laboratory professionals in the healthcare sector, recognising the essential role they play in patient care in both the public and private healthcare system. This year’s edition is running from the 14th to the 20th of April 2024 under the theme, “The Lab is everything”.  

This theme emphasizes the importance of medical laboratory professionals in supporting evidence-based medicine, which is essentially a scientific based approach towards patient management, resulting is better clinical outcomes. The theme aims at creating awareness about the importance of placing clinical laboratory interventions at the centre of proper patient management and care.

Cimas Group Medical Advisor and Head of Diagnostics, Dr Tsitsi Moyo addressing a press conference after the tour of Cimas MEDLABS said they are happy to be celebrating this year’s edition of the Lab Week at a time they are also rejoicing their milestone of acquiring a state-of-the-art gene sequencing machine set to be unveiled soon.
As Cimas Medlabs, we are at the forefront of ensuring that each sample that comes into our care is not just a sample- we are cognisant of the fact that behind each sample is a person with hopes and aspirations, who loves and is loved, who just wants to feel better and has entrusted us with a part of themselves to that end. Our lab professionals -the scientists, pathologists, and all support services put in the hard work and dedication with commitment to accuracy and quick turnaround times to assist clinicians in providing accurate and timely care
She said the gene sequencing machine, equipped with the latest advancements in sequencing technology, offers unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency in decoding genetic information. 

“Cimas MEDLABS is immensely proud to be at the forefront of genetic research and personalised medicine. We remain committed to advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes through groundbreaking research and technology,” DR Moyo noted. 

Dr Moyo further said with the introduction of , and other cutting edge diagnostic techniques, Cimas is poised to make significant contributions to the field of genetics and personalised medicine. 

In a bid to provide timely results across the country, Cimas MEDLABS has embarked on a project to renovate and re-equip all its laboratories to ensure that tests are offered onsite and reducing the number of tests referred to the Central Laboratory in Harare.

Cimas MEDLABS believes in investing a generation of future scientist. The laboratory offers industrials attachments and internships for newly qualified scientists and is a Designated Health Institution by the Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Association of Zimbabwe. These programs provide new scientists to real-world work exposure, state of the art equipment and an impeccable work ethic to develop them into well rounded professionals as they launch their careers.

More than clinical diagnostic testing, Cimas MDELABS is involved in medical research and partnered with some major research and clinical trials in the country. We endeavour to make the African voice, particularly the Zimbabwean voice to be heard as a contributor to scientific discovery. With the addition of gene sequencing, research will be a major thrust of Cimas MEDLABS for the future in ensuring that the African genome is included in aspects of science, from diagnostics to pharmaceuticals and every aspect of health care.

“Our gene sequencing machine is designed to handle large-scale sequencing projects efficiently. Its scalability allows for increased sample throughput, meeting the growing demand for genetic research and clinical applications,” she noted. 

“This revolutionary technology represents a significant advancement in genetic research and will greatly enhance Cimas Medlabs’s ability to explore the intricacies of the human genome.” 

Dr Moyo believes their investment in this advanced gene sequencing machine will revolutionise thestudy and understandibg of the human genome, ultimately transforming healthcare outcomes for individuals worldwide. 

“This cutting-edge technology will not only benefit our internal research initiatives, but also foster collaborations with academic institutions, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies. By working together, we can accelerate the development of innovative treatments, diagnostics, and preventive strategies for genetic disorders,” DR Moyo explained. 

“Our gene sequencing machine facilitates comprehensive genomic profiling by examining an individual’s entire genetic blueprint. This comprehensive analysis provides a more holistic understanding of an individual’s genetic predispositions, enabling personalised healthcare interventions and treatment strategies,” 
She said the key features of the new gene sequencing machine include high-speed sequencing. 

“With an accelerated sequencing process, the machine can analyse vast amounts of genetic data in significantly reduced time frames. This expedites the research process, enabling Cimas Medlabs to make quicker breakthroughs in genetic analysis,” Dr Moyo noted.  

“Through enhanced accuracy, the machine incorporates cutting-edge algorithms and quality control measures that ensure the utmost accuracy in genetic sequencing. This precision is paramount for identifying subtle genetic variations and abnormalities with exceptional reliability.”