Chiwenga left with egg on face after High Court gives him two hours to allow Marry access to matrimonial home

  • VP told to stand down and let Marry access home, children, cars, personal belongings

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga was Friday afternoon left with egg on face after the High Court ruled in favour of his estranged wife, Marry.

High Court judge Justice Christopher Dube-Banda ordered the former army commander to stand down and let Marry access her home, by extension in compliance with an existing court order.

Chiwenga also lost his battle for the custody of the couple’s three minor children with the court ordering that the children be returned to their mother.

The Sherriff of the High Court and the Zimbabwe Republic Police were tasked by the court to ensure the order is carried out.

Marry had approached the High Court with an urgent application seeking redress after Chiwenga had deployed soldiers to stop her from accessing their matrimonial home in Borrowdale Brooke, Harare.

She noted that the use of armed forces in this matter exhibits the extent of abuse of public power by Chiwenga.

Marry argued that she was unable to have access to personal items and properties within the home including clothes and vehicles following her release from prison.

Marry contended that Chiwenga – who had earlier initiated divorce proceedings against Marry – denied her access to their three minor children

Chiwenga contended that the matter was not urgent and that Marry’s founding affidavit contains inadmissible hearsay.

However, the court ruled in Marry’s favour directing Chiwenga to allow Marry to access their Borrowdale Brooke matrimonial home “within two hours” of the grant of the order.

The court granted Marry access and enjoyment of her business premises at Orchid Gardens Domboshava and couples’ cars pending the conclusion of the matrimonial proceedings.


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