Chivayo, ZPC Gwanda solar project scandal: Fresh details emerge

The high profile case pitting flamboyant businessman and Director of Intratrek  Wicknell  Chivayo and the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) this week takes a dramatic turn as new details have emerged that Chivayo had the backing of some senior managers such as Robson Chikuri who was the projects and technical director of the Gwanda solar project, the Zim Morning Post has heard.

Fresh details have shown that the USD$5,6 million which chivayo received was paid in USD$200 000 batches per week in a move which was meant to sideline the board approval as the amounts were within Chikuri’s threshhold.

Payments of such amounts (US$5 million) have to be approved by the board that is the reason why the money was paid in USD$200 000 batches, this was aimed at snubbing the board as it is the only authority which should approve such payments,” said an insider at ZPC.

Chikuri was appointed Projects and Technical Director and he was acting more as the accounting officer on that deal.

Sources allege that some senior managers gave false testimonies before the courts to clear Chivayo and Intratrek as they were receiving kickbacks from Chivayo.

Some of them gave false testimonies in trhe courts when this issue was arrayed before the courts because they receive money from Chivayo.

According to documents seen by Zim Morning Post some ZESA Board members questioned how Chivayo won the tender since he is an ex-convict.

Chivayo was exonerated from any wrong doing by the courts.

Documents seen by this paper state that “The un-securitized advance payments were authorised through Payment Release Certificates (PRCs) that were signed by the following officers Managing Director, Projects and Technical Director and the Finance Director.”

“Ironically there was no progress at the project site against which the Payment Release Certificates were made – i.e. the certificates were fictitious,” reads the document.

The Board was also not aware that Intratrek had been paid without an Advance Payment Guarantee (APG).

The payments were made in small weekly amounts which were within the Managing Director’s threshold and thus did not need Board approval.”