Chitungwiza to construct more COVID-19 isolation centres


  • Seke North Clinic to become an isolation facility
  • Community halls, taverns to become COVID-19 isolations centres

CHITUNGWIZA has identified several dedicated COVID-19 facilities for uplifting using already existing infrastructure to intensify the fight against the deadly virus, reports Abel Karowangoro

The dormitory town’s ‘city fathers’ have vowed to mobilise resources and implement measures to minimise the impact of the novel coronavirus which is now a worldwide worry.

In an interview with the Chitungwiza Acting Town Clerk Tonderai Kasu last week, Zim Morning Post heard that the town intended to improve all its facilities dedicated for COVID-19 patients.

“In terms of preparedness for Covid-19, the municipality is planning to construct an isolation unit for Chitungwiza coronavirus patients at Seke South Clinic,” Kasu said.

“At Seke South Clinic, we are planning to construct and equip a fully functional 45-bed isolation facility that will include a five-bed Intensive Care Unit,” he added.

Chitungwiza Municipal said its intention was to turn Unit L Seke South Community Hall and Tatenda Tavern Unit H to COVID-19 isolation centres.

“Unit L Seke South Community Hall is in close proximity with Seke South Clinic. It is large and spacious and is going to be facelifted so that it becomes a large, temporary medical facility to house patients,” Kasu said.

“If Seke South Clinic becomes too small a site to cater for these large numbers of coronavirus patients, when renovations are complete, the Seke South Community Hall facility will have the capacity to house more than 100 beds for coronavirus patients,” he added.

“Soon, we will be renovating Tatenda Tavern in Unit H so that it becomes a fifth municipal clinic,” Kasu added.

Chitungwiza currently has four council clinics; one each for St. Mary’s, Zengeza, Seke South, and Seke North.

According to Kasu, Chitungwiza is the third largest and fastest-growing urban centre in the country and was, therefore, in need of more health facilities.

“The establishment of a fifth municipal clinic at Tatenda Tavern is vital as it constitutes an urgent requirement for the town,” he said.

“The Municipal has written letters to ministers of Health and Local Government; informing them of Chitungwiza’s plans with respect to renovations, refurbishments and construction of all the said three sites.

“On behalf of Chitungwiza, we are also requesting assistance from government in the form of material and financial resources to achieve the intended plans.

“Ministers have expressed their support and commitment to the successful implementation of all the three construction projects.

“A team from the World Health Organisation has also toured all the three sites. They have supplied technical advice.

“We hope that steady progress will be made towards completion of these three projects so that the virus will find us prepared,” Kasu added.

“We are hopeful that we will get government financial support to set up our isolation centre and COVID-19 treatment facilities, but we are still waiting to be given the funding. We are hopeful that we will get government financial support to set up our isolation centres,” he said.

Chitungwiza Town Council is appealing for support from the corporate world, donors and development partners, the Acting Town Clerk said.

“The town will be glad to see a more robust response from the government, donors, and other partners while we plan and prepare.

“It will be better if assistance comes at a later stage when we do not have any patients,” Kasu added.

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