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Chitungwiza Land Baron Faces Court for Selling Stand Belonging to the Deceased

Chitungwiza Land Baron Faces Court for Selling Stand Belonging to the Deceased

A Chitungwiza land baron Blessed Tendai Mususa aged 34 appeared in court  yesterday facing charges of fraud after selling a stand belonging to a deceased individual without possessing the necessary legal documents.

Allegations of Deception and Forgery

According to the State, the incident occurred in March of this year. It is alleged that Mususa seized the opportunity presented by the passing of Francis Danga, the rightful owner of stand number 4070 Crowhill in Harare. He forged an agreement of sale, falsely claiming that Mr. Danga had sold him the stand on May 12, 2014.

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Stand Advertised and Sale Negotiated

Mususa proceeded to advertise the stand for sale, catching the attention of Lazarus Musamba, who was actively seeking a stand in Harare. Representing himself as the owner, Mususa informed Mr. Musamba that the stand was available for US$7K. A meeting was arranged on March 21 at Crowhill, where Mususa showcased the vacant residential stand to Mr. Musamba.

Deal Sealed with Vehicle and Cash

After expressing interest in the stand, Mr. Musamba negotiated the terms of payment. He offered his Toyota Regius car valued at US$5,000 and an additional US$2,000 in cash. Mususa accepted the vehicle, along with its registration book, and the US$2,000 in cash. Both parties then signed an agreement of sale, unaware of the fraudulent nature of the transaction.

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Unraveling of Deception and Legal Intervention

On April 4, as Mr. Musamba began clearing the stand to build a cottage, he received an unexpected call from Recado Danga, who claimed to be the executor of the estate of his late father, Francis Danga. Recado informed Mr. Musamba that the stand in question had never been sold since his father’s demise on March 22, 2014.

Confrontation and Legal Action

Feeling deceived, Mr. Musamba confronted Mususa, who initially made empty promises to rectify the situation but later evaded any responsibility. Frustrated by the lack of resolution, Mr. Musamba reported the incident to the police.

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Arrest and Vehicle Recovery

Following an investigation, detectives arrested Mususa on December 27. The authorities were able to recover the Toyota Regius, leaving the remaining US$2,000 to be accounted for in the ongoing legal proceedings.