Chitungwiza forex dealers lose cash in a movie-style robbery

  • Robbers made up of four-member gang including a woman
  • Drives off in victim’s vehicle

ARMED robbers pounced on unsuspecting illegal forex dealers in a movie-style fashion at Makoni Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza on Wednesday and walked away with thousands of dollars.

The total amount of money lost is US$13 000 and ZWL20 000.

One of the victims Jeke Jairos (33), filed a police report at Chitungwiza Police Station under RRB number 4306351.

Information gathered reveals that the victims were parked by Makoni shopping centre aboard a  silver Toyota Allion (Registration Number AEV 5245)

According to police, the assailants arrived at the scene driving a white Toyota Hilux and parked in the middle of the road.

“One of the robbers was wearing a blue work suit and a black mask on the face.

“He fired three shots and disembarked from the vehicle ordering everyone around to lie on the ground.

“The victim was approached by the other four robbers including a lady .

“One was holding a pistol and the other two were holding AK rifles. 

“The one who had a pistol fired one shot at the  driver’s door and window whilst the other two male accused persons were breaking the front passenger door and window. They forced out the victims out of the vehicle and booted him several times whilst lying on the ground,” narrated a police source.

An eyewitness identified as Tafadzwa Gore, a vendor, said the robbery lasted for less than 10 minutes.

“I had only watched armed robberies on movies but yesterday I witnessed it.

“ The robbery lasted for about eight minutes,”recounted Gore.

The robbers’ modus operandi showed that they had the robbery was well calculated and pre-meditated.

The suspects are still at large and national police spokesperson Paul Nyathi could not be reached for comment at the time of writing.

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