Chitungwiza condemns violence against council workers

  • Council employee allegedly harassed by losing ward 7 councillor
  • Acting town clerk castigates assault on council employees
  • Attack was reportedly politically motivated

ACTING town clerk Tonderai Kasu on Monday castigated the violent attacks reportedly perpetrated by Charamba Mlambo and some senior Zanu PF youths against council worker, Philemon Tarutira.

Mlambo, together with some Zanu PF youths, allegedly assaulted Sewer Works supervisor Tarutira and his colleagues while they were attending to sewerage blockages in Zengeza 1.

Kasu said the municipality was disappointed by the alleged harassment of its workforce while conducting their duties.

“A mob launched (what appeared to be) a politically motivated attack and physically assaulted one of our staff members working in a sewerage section in Zengeza 1,” he said.

“This kind of behaviour is wayward and as a municipality we condemn it in every way as it dehumanises professionals when they get attacked during broad daylight by some hoodlums under the auspices of politics,” Kasu said.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post, deputy Mayor Musa Makweza and Councillor Jabulani Mtunzi confirmed that the harassment of Tarutira was political motivated.

They also said Tarutira had not been coming to work since the alleged violent incident.

Kasu added that the assault on Tarutira had disturbed the work on blocked sewer pipes, with the work still uncompleted.

“The barbaric behaviour has not resolved anything and until now, the problem that was supposed to be attended to remains unresolved,” he added.

Chitungwiza municipality workers are still said to be afraid to complete their work in fear of being assaulted.

The alleged perpetrators of violence have reportedly threatened to invade the municipality offices and cause more violence.

“The rowdy elements threatened to visit the council head offices with the intention to cause havoc and further disturbances,” Kasu said.

He urged residents not to resort to violence if they had grievances agaisnt the municipality, saying differences should be resolved amicably.

“Violence should not be used against our workers while they are performing their lawful and professional duties; we encourage anyone who might be aggrieved to approach our offices in a polite and civilised manner for recourse,” he further said.

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