Chief Charumbira loses property over $USD12 000 debt

The President of the  Zimbabwe Chief’s Council Fortune Charumbira has lost property after failing to clear an outstanding US$ 12 000 for a credit facility granted to him by a local bank,Zim Morning Post has learnt.

Court documents gleaned by this publication shows that the High Court made a ruling in favour of the applicant, Steward Bank Limited to take into execution the movable property that Charumbira had attached and do as they will with it for them to realise the outstanding balance owed together with a 5% interest rate per annum from the period extending from October 20 in 2016.

The matter was heard under case number HC10536/16.

Charumbira failed to clear the balance for a credit facility granted to him by the bank as well as the interest which was accumulating over time

prompting the bank to approach the higher court.

The High Court order was granted with costs on May 17.

Charumbira is not new to brushes with the law

 as he was previously  dragged to the High Court  and neglected to comply with a court order in 2017.

Civic groups  noted with concern the intransigence and  disrespect for the constitution that Charumbira exhibited.

He failed to abide by a court order directing him to retract a statement in which he urged traditional leaders to rally behind ZANU PF  in the 2018 polls.

  Charumbira chose to undermine the supremacy of the country’s constitution.

His latest case also coincides with the blacklisting of Command Agriculture defaulters raising concerns on the cancer of  loan non-repayments in the country.