Chasi scoffs at ‘Mnangagwa challenge’

Deputy minister of Transport and Infrastructural development Advocate Fortune Chasi has scoffed at suggestions by members of the opposition that he was the suitable candidate to contest his leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the 2023 presidential elections.

The MDC-A proponents have set social media ablaze hyping Chasi for presidency and even creating a ‘campaign poster’ that has gone viral.

Zanu PF supporters who spoke to the Zim Morning Post said the opposition party has run out of ideas and are trying every trick in the book to divide the ruling party.

“MDC has run out of ideas , Chasi is working hard so they want to emasculate and demoralize him. Zanu PF is not run through social media and those utterances are neither here or there,” said the Zanu PF loyalist who refused to be named.

Sources said MDC –A supporters were trying to prop up Chasi to contest for Zanu PF presidency in the same vein they accuse Zanu PF supporters of supporting Douglas Mwonzora’s candidature.

In an interview with this publication on Sunday, Chasi said his only preoccupation was fulfilling his mandate and he has never considered contesting for presidency.

“Yes I am aware of the Twitter storm and I have responded thereto. However, I’m yet to establish the real source and motive. Some observers have speculated that this is a counter to the alleged support of Senator Mwonzora by Zanu-PF in the forthcoming contestation within the MDC-Alliance. But clearly the difference between Senator Mwonzora and my situation is that he has expressed a clear desire to contest. On the other hand I have never even thought about or contemplated it,” he said.

He castigated the people behind the fake campaign material and described it as ‘mischief’

“Whilst I respect views of everyone on the issue, I feel that it is improper to propagate campaign material which has not been approved or initiated by myself. Therein lies the mischief.

“I am very clear of my current mandate as well as my place in the packing order of our party and rules concerning ascendancy. I have no intention to deviate therefrom. Instead at this moment in time I have no choice but to remain focused on delivering on the mandate I was given by the President in the Ministry of Transport & Infrastructural Developmént.

“ I also believe that our focus as a country at the moment should be on our economy and not on political positions. Accordingly, I will remain committed to diligently execute my mandate,” said Chasi.

Lately, there has been a lot of bickering over positions  in the MDC-A and analysts said agents of the opposition party were hoping that this becomes infectious and also affect the ruling party Zanu PF.