Chamisa calls for unity in the fight against cartels, corruption

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has called for unity in the fight against corruption
  • Chamisa blasts cartels
  • Calls for the need to put politics aside in fight against corruption

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa on Tuesday called for unity against corruption following Prosecutor-General Kumbirai  Hodzi’s revelation that cartels have now captured State institutions.

Chamisa said this revelation signaled a call to action.

 “It is a call to action when the country’s Prosecutor General confirms that cartels have captured State institutions. This reflects a captured and compromised state and that the regime is not fit for purpose. Politics aside, we must now unite in this big fight against corruption,” read Chamisa’s tweet. 

” The PG confirms the serious and systemic nature of rot permeating the State. As ever, the fish rots from the head.

“If the top prosecutor is moved to make such public complaints, then he is not getting support from the political leadership to perform his constitutional role,” Chamisa added.

“The anti-corruption rhetoric is a mere facade designed to hoodwink Zimbabweans and the world. Over the past two years, the level of corruption and State capture has escalated to obscene levels.

There cannot be sustainable prosperity when national wealth is in the hands of a few,” he further submitted. 

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