CAPS United at each other’s throats over NetOne money

  • Players besiege club offices demanding salary arrears
  • CAPS United holding onto NetOne’s golden handshake of ZWL$570,000 which telecoms giant left for players’ salaries
  • Club insists paying money solely for salaries is suicidal as there is life after three months

THE move by NetOne to call time on their association with CAPS United has left the club at each other’s throats with players on Tuesday besieging the club’s offices demanding salaries arrears for the month of April and May – a combined ZWL$285,000.

NetOne pulled out of their partnership with United earlier this year but left a golden handshake of ZWL$570,000 to cover players’ salaries for three months.

Club officials believe the money can go a long way in covering operational costs and also act as seed money beyond the next three months. They have since put in place a programme which would see them attend to players in tranches.

However, players have thrown out the club’s suggestions and on Tuesday demanded that they be paid their dues to offset their daily needs.

“It is selfish for the club to hang onto our salaries when they have the money in hand left by NetOne. Our demands are not unreasonable at all. It is the club officials that are being unreasonable,” said one player who requested anonymity.

Club officials who spoke to Zim Morning Post said they acknowledge the club owes players but do not condone the manner players expressed their disgruntlement.

CAPS United players clashed with club vice president Tutisani on Tuesday, with a flurry of harsh words being exchanged.

In the midst of the melee former Chicken Inn player Innocent Mucheneka demanded his transfer with Tutisani hitting back adding “you are fired.”

“I don’t respect you anymore,”Tutisani told Mucheneka as players haggled with Tutisani for their outstanding dues.

“Even I don’t respect you,” Mucheneka jibed. An angry Tutisani told Mucheneka he was firing him on the spot.

When matters finally calmed down, Tutisani had a change of heart and described the exchange as a moment of madness.

Club officials who declined to be named said they were now looking enforcing therapy sessions for players so they release some of the steam occasioned by being locked up due to Covid-19 regulations.

“This thinking that all the money from NetOne should go into their pockets doesn’t make sense there is life after three months,” said a top United official.