Call me a sell-out but I will deliver a better life says Khupe

Call me a sell-out but I will deliver a better life says Khupe

MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe will engage President Emmerson Mnangagwa “for a better life” despite the widespread notion held by Government critics that whoever dialogues with Mnangagwa is selling out.

Delivering her maiden speech in the National Assembly on Tuesday Khupe said her fight was for a better Zimbabwe.

The MDC-T president rose to the National Assembly after instigating mass recalls of MDC Alliance legislators.

This followed the March 31 Supreme Court Judgement that declared Nelson Chamisa’s leadership of the main opposition MDC as illegitimate.

“Today I stand in front of this august House as a proud Leader of MDC-T and Leader of the Opposition in this Parliament,” Khupe said.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all MDC-T members for the unconditional love they have given to me to this date. May the Lord Almighty bless them all.”

Khupe said as the “as the Leader of the Opposition I am going to be dialoguing with the President for a better life for everyone.”

“I know that there are people who have the notion that whoever dialogues with the President is selling out and like I said earlier on I am going to be dialoguing for a better life for all,” she continued.

“I would like to say this because it is important.  If those who think that dialoguing with the President is selling-out and I said I am going to be dialoguing for a better life, then let me be a sell-out, but I will deliver a better life to everyone at the end of the day.”

Khupe said Zimbabwe needed to unite to move forward together for the good of every Zimbabwean.

“Madam Speaker, I would like to conclude by saying there is not even a single person who was born poor.  Every person was born with their own potential but people are poor because of institutions that are built, people are poor because of systems that are created and people are poor because of policies that are formulated,” Khupe said.

“Madam Speaker, I would call upon Government to build good strong institutions to create good systems of governance, to formulate investor friendly policies so that we return Zimbabwe to its former glory that of being the bread basket of Africa; that of being the jewel of Africa and that of being the envy of the whole world.  That is what we want.”

“I would like to call upon all investors to come and invest in this country because Zimbabwe is a good investment destination.”

Khupe said the role of the opposition is to question Government and hold it to account for its actions to the public.

“I would also like to state categorically that our purpose as MDC-T is not just about power and positions. Our purpose is about advancing the interests of the 14,6 million Zimbabweans so that they have a better life,” Khupe said.

Khupe took a veiled attack on Nelson Chamisa accusing him of causing instability in the country in his quest to assume power.

Chamisa who narrowly lost the 2018 presidential vote to Mnangagwa, has accused Mnangagwa of rigging the vote and does not recognise his presidency.

“The sad reality is that for others, it is just about power and positions: for the reason that I did not get the power and position that I wanted, Parliament must not operate; because I did not get the power and position that I wanted, Zimbabwe must come to a standstill, because I did not get the power and position that I wanted the country must be burnt down,” she said.

“…Once elections have come and gone, it is important that we unite as a country, nation or people and advance the development across so that Zimbabwe becomes a developed country,” she added.

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