Business man up for money laundering

A Harare businessman will stand trial before a Harare magistrate on charges of money laundering after he allegedly converted $580 000 which was supposed to be remitted to a South African based company, Godstone to his personal use, theft as well as fraud charges.

The businessman, Dangarembizi is accused of having threatened the company when the representatives tried to recover the money owed.

He appeared before Regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya and he was represented by Taona Sibanda but the trial could however not kick off as the defense counsel was not ready to proceed.

The matter was postponed to June 27 for trial commencement.

Dangarembizi is also facing other allegations of converting $116 742 to own use, money realised from selling fertilizer.

Allegations are that sometime in June 2017 one Denga engaged Dangarembizi to assist him to recover 360 metric tonnes of fertilizer from Windmill after it had failed to make the payment prompting Denga to cancel the transaction.

Dangarembizi managed to recover the fertilizer which was taken to Croplink for safekeeping and it was kept under the custody of director Jacques Leitao.

During the same month Dangarembizi approached Denga and volunteered to sell the fertilizer on commission and the arrangement was that after selling it Dangarembizi would deposit the money into Ambrella  Holdings FBC bank account.

During period of July 15 to 28, in 2017 Dangarembizi collected 269,82 metric tonnes of fertilizer and was supposed to remit the sum of $116 762  but instead, he converted the money to own use, it is alleged.