Broke and in debt Warriors fan stranded in Cairo

Zimbabwe’s twitterati are divided over Warriors’ super fan Alvin Zhakata who spent 52 days hitch-hiking from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo in Egypt for this year’s 2019 African Cup of Nations is now battling to secure funds to return home.

Zhakata has, through sportscaster Steve Vickers, opened a GoFundMe account seeking US$800.

He had raised $45 at the time of publishing.

“Mukwasha so you are telling me this guy went all the way to Cairo and he has no money to come back home and now wants us to help him raise bus far to come back home?” inquired George Chigwaya.

Vickers insisted that Zhakata had met various problems on his expedition which had not only left him broke but in debt.

This trip took much longer than planned, so he has used his cash for his expenses and even accumulated debts along the way. So that’s why he is broke.”

One Justice Chengeta suggested Zhakata was better off in Egypt.

There are no jobs, electricity, passports, id’s, medicine, water, fuel, prices are going up. Please assist the lad to get a job that side. There is absolutely nothing to come back home for. He is just just going to be another mouth to feed,” he said.

However, the negative energy appeared to be outweighed by scores of Zimbabweans who lauded Zhakata’s road trip as an example of resilience.

Zhakata completed the epic 11,000 km journey in time for the quarter-final match-up between South Africa and Nigeria but his beloved Warriors had since returned home after being booted out in the group stages.

After his historic Cape to Cairo AFCON road trip, Aluvah deserves to go back home in style. At the moment he has no funds to fly back home. I am with him in Cairo and will make sure that any funds donated will be used transparently,” said Vickers.