Breaking: Police, military seal off Gaika mine….as illegal invaders are evicted

The illegal miners who had invaded Gaika gold mine in Kwekwe where on Tuesday evicted and heavily armed members from the military and police force sealed off the mine and cordoned off the whole mining area.
The invaders have been looting gold ore for the past two days after learning about the eviction.
Tonnes of ore was transported to surrounding mills believed to be owned by powerful politicians from the ruling party.
As the security forces came in at around 5am in the morning, invaders could be seen transporting their equipment and belongings.
A snap survey in the mining town showed that most of the invaders come from far away places and they could be seen milling in Kwekwe town aimlessly amid fears of an increase in crime rate. Some of them could be seen removing their ZANU PF regalia that had technically become their “uniform”.
The mine has been at the centre of controversy and protracted legal battles.
A number of deaths have been reported at the mine and it has been brought to the Midlands mining admistrator’s attention.
The High Court ordered ZANU PF stalwart Vongai Mupereri to instruct the youths that he had ordered to invade the mine to leave.
However, Mupereri was said to be in Harare from Monday leading to police swooping in on the illegal invaders.