Boris Johnson’s dad broke wife’s nose

Borris Johnson'dad broke wife nose

Boris Johnson’s dad broke wife’s nose in domestic violence incident.

A bombshell book titled The Gambler, by author Tom Bower, alleges Stanley Johnson broke the nose of his wife – Boris’ mum – in a domestic violence incident.

Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley broke the Prime Minister’s mother’s nose, resulting in her needing a trip to hospital, a new book alleged Sunday.

The domestic violence revelation is one of a string of disclosures in The Gambler, a new biography of United Kingdom Prime Minister Johnson by author Tom Bower.

In the book, Bower describes Stanley’s first marriage to Johnson’s mother Charlotte as violent and unhappy.

She is reported to be quoted as saying: “He broke my nose. He made me feel like I deserved it.”

Charlotte is also reported to have told the author: ‘I want the truth to be told.’

Last night, family friends confirmed the story to the Mail on Sunday, but insisted that the incident had been a one-off.

The friends said it happened in the 1970s when Charlotte had ‘flailed’ at Stanley, who broke her nose when ‘flailing back’.

The astonishing disclosure is one of a string of revelations in The Gambler, a major biography of Johnson by the renowned investigative author Tom Bower, which is being serialised in The Mail on Sunday, starting today.

Bower describes Stanley’s first marriage, to Mr Johnson’s mother Charlotte, as violent and unhappy, quoting her as saying: ‘He broke my nose. He made me feel like I deserved it.’ – Source: The Mail on Sunday

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