Bitter-sweet day in the middle of politicians

IT was first time covering a political party gathering.

The atmosphere was electric as thousands of youths braved the hot weather and chanted party slogans, as young women drawn from all provinces ululated.

The occasion was the Zanu PF national youth convention held last Wednesday.

I was in the company of my three senior colleagues and I was learning the ropes.

At one point I was tempted to join in chanting the party slogan and clenched fists, but my mentors restrained me and advised that as the Fourth Estate we must not show any political party affiliation.

It was a good experience and my colleagues assumed , I would be star struck to mingle with senior politicians and let alone to be within eyeshot of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

As part of my training, I was told that I would meet and interact with a beggar this minute, and the next minute with a top politician, so I was not star struck.

I was just carrying out my duties as usual.

 I digress.

The main drama or rather major highlights that remained etched in my mind occurred outside the stadium.

 After we had exited Rimuka stadium, my colleagues got a wake-up call.

We had experienced a smooth sail to Kadoma where we had a safe trip.

Little did we know that the  blissful chapter will be short-lived.

We walked to where we had parked our car and it was nowhere in sight.

We searched all over to the extent of searching our pockets!

There was no rock left unturned in our hunt for the car, we searched for ages and ages but our efforts were fruitless, we found ourselves sitting on the ground tired, hopeless and out of ideas of how we were going to get home.

We envied the unruffled crowd which was gathered around the helicopters flying the president home cheering at the scene.

It is at this juncture that we realized that our car had been engulfed by the horde of Zanu PF youths.

 A  huge human wall of youths in an ecstatic frenzy,  stood between us and our journey home.

Disrupting the crowd while they were still enjoying their show was not an option, so we had to wait for the people to disperse on their own if we wished to get home in one piece.

People started to slowly disperse and unlike us they proved to be in no rush even though it was getting dark.

We finally managed to get settled but the challenge emerged when we failed to move from the chaos which had now began into the highway.

The traffic jungle became another hindrance.

It is when we were stuck in the jam that we noticed that some youths were left stranded after the buses that transported them from their homes had long gone

There was a dramatic scene which could easily pass of a script taken off a Nollywood movie.

An elderly woman who looked like she in her late 50s who sprinted past us shouting and waving at a truck which was leaving.

Her speed could leave Usain Bolt green with envy!

It was an adrenalin pumping experience we had and truly I learnt about the professional hazards and yearning for more such assignments.