Battle of Chitungwiza mayor hots up…as suspended mayor threatens councillors

The rivalry between MDC Alliance leaders in Chitungwiza has escalated with latest reports indicating that suspended mayor  Gift Tsverere has  threatened fellow councillors for him to retain his position as the mayor of the dormitory  town.

He is also alleged to have bragged that he was his party leader Nelson Chamisa’s preffered candidate.

Tsverere along with his deputy Jabulani Mtunzi were suspended by the High Court in 2018 following a disputed election where he contested against Kevin Mutimbanyoka who was running on the ZANU PF ticket.

According to sources close to the goings on in Chitungwiza Town Council, Tsverere is alleged to have met with the town clerk last week Thursday to forge an alliance for him to retain the hot seat.

“ Tsverere came and met Mai Mukonyora ( Mary Mukonyora) , George Makunde (town clerk) where they were discussing and planning to have  elections of Mayor and Deputy this coming Friday,” said the source.

Zim Morning Post has it on good authority that the majority of councilors from the MDC Alliance are not willing to participate in the Friday slated election.

“They want to fast  -track this whole process in favour of Tsverere, they have slated the election to be held on Friday but we are against that, this is not going to happen,” said the source.

This publication is reliably informed that at a meeting held in Kadoma , Tsverere offered Zanu PF councilors to chair the newly introduced Audit committee  in exchange for him to retain his position as mayor.

“Last time when we went to Kadoma for our induction , Tsverere had a meeting with Councillor Mutimbanyoka where he begged him to withdraw the case at High Court in exchange that Zanu PF will chair the audit committee,” said the source.

Tsverere is also accused of threatening other councilors telling them that he was anointed by the MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa for him to lead Chitungwiza.

“He has been calling us day in day out telling us that he was anointed by President Chamisa which we all know that it is lie , he has been threatening us but we are not afraid of him,” said one of the councilors who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Tsverere is also being accused of not being a resident of Chitungwiza.

“It boggles the mind when a Harare resident wants to be our Mayor , I think he should just go back to Harare and try to be a mayor there,” added the source.

Efforts to get comment from Tsverere drew a blank as his phone was not reachable, however he has previously refused to comment on the matter.

MDC Alliance vice-president Morgen Komichi told the Zim Morning Post Wednesday that said he was not aware of the dispute and the party position was that Tsverere remains their bonafide candidate.