Auditor-General top officials receive hefty packages


TOP officials in the Office of the Auditor-General Zimbabwe (OAG) have been awarded hefty packages including top-of-the-range vehicles irking auditors in the organisation who say they are living from hand to mouth despite being the bolts and nuts of the anti-corruption crusade.

The OAG headed by Auditor-General Midlred Chiri has won glowing reviews from across the political divide for exposing deep-seated corruption within government entities.

However, far from the public spotlight, its house is deeply divided with Directors and Deputy Directors in the organisation being awarded pay and fuel increments along with Toyota Fortuners, mid-size SUVs, raising the ire of auditors whose wages were not adjusted in tandem with rising inflation.

Efforts to get a comment from Chiri were unsuccessful as her phone rang unanswered.

However, OAG auditors who spoke to Zim Morning Post cried foul over unfair labour practises.  

“Right now they are pressuring auditors to meet deadlines ignoring all the time taken by auditors’ time off during lockdown,” said one auditor in the OAG who declined to be named insisting “anyone who wants to represent the workers is always victimised and dismissed on frivolous allegations.”

“Auditors are living like paupers vanoisirwa tea nema dog biscuits palunch kuti vadye. Vanobva kuMinistry where they will be auditing kuti vanodya tea nemabiscuits because they can’t afford lunch.”

 “To make matters worse when they are supposed to go away on trips where they make a bit of out of pocket allowances to augment their salaries those auditing trips are blocked by the greedy bosses who just want to see the auditor suffering.

“Next time Zimbabweans celebrate they must know that auditors who bring corruption to the fore are living in abject poverty.”

The media shy Chiri was dismissed in September 2017 by former president Robert Mugabe before he reversed the decision after Members of Parliament across the political divide opposed his plan to replace her with Mike Ndudzo.

Her term as Zimbabwe’s Auditor General was later extended after the National Assembly approved President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s nomination.

Do you know that when Mugabe didn’t renew Mai Chiri’s contract and wanted to appoint Ndudzo as the new Auditor General ma auditors akapembera vachiti kuda zvinhu zvavo zvingachinje. They didn’t care that Mike Ndudzo had failed somewhere but they only cared about their own welfare.

“Mai Chiri has received a lot of credit but anyone can run that company because most of the work that makes her look good is done by the ordinary auditors the only thank you they get is a cocktail party once a year or sometimes never,” the source continued.

“Imagine Auditor anouya kubasa nemunya, vamwe rice and cabbage. Some who stay in Marondera and Bindura vanomukira by 4.30 am kuti vabate ZUPCO subsidising the employer. Whilst everyone clapping hands for Mai Chiri for a job well done.”


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