Anglican Church sex scandal: Congregants refuse to receive Holy Communion from “adulterous” reverend

MUTARE – Anglican congregants at St Patrick’s church in Mutare’s Chikanga high density suburb last Sunday declined receiving the Holy Communion from Reverend Position Chikuruwo in protest arguing Chikuruwo had ‘dirty hands’.

Chikuruwo was recently caught pants down with Lynnette Manyumwa who is married to a fellow reverend Talent Makanga.
In protest of the shameless act by Chikuruwo, the congregants refused
to receive the Holy Communion alleging that the reverend was not fit to serve the important event.
Luke Chigwanda, a church elder who is a close ally of controversial Anglican Manicaland Diocese Bishop Eric Ruwona was heckled with verbal insults as he tried to exonerate Chikuruwo.

Chigwanda was at pains to defend the glaring sex scandal involving Chikuruwo, as the parishioners walked out.

We cannot be led and receive Holy Communion from a person with very dirty hands. We are surprised as to why he is still serving in the church,” said a congregant who declined to be named fearing reprisal.

There are beliefs that the contentious Ruwona is desperately protecting Chikuruwo despite him (Chikuruwo) admitting to his nefarious acts.
Makanga and his wife are on separation pending divorce.

Chikuruwo who is a personal assistant to Ruwona has apologised to Makanga and both families acknowledging his shameless act.

Asked for a comment regarding the boycott, Ruwona said: “I am not aware of that.”