Anglican church $2 million fraud: Archbishop Chama sucked in

MUTARE – Manicaland Anglican Diocese members are concerned by the Zambia based Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Central Africa, Albert Chama and the Episcopal Synod of the Anglican Church for failing to appropriately act on Manicaland Bishop Eric Ruwona and his cabal giving speculation that he (Chama) is involved in the scandals.

The unpopular Ruwona and his faction are facing stinking allegations of wanton suspension of priests, corruption, maladministration and abuse of church funds amounting to over $2 million.

Chama was scheduled to meet the disgruntled Anglicans last month to solve the impasse in Mutare but instead, he held the meeting in Harare after spirited Anglicans had vowed to demonstrate against him for having a soft stance against Ruwona and his loyalists.

Chama confirmed:

 “The meeting should  have been held in Mutare, but  l had to change the venue to Harare because l was reliably informed that some people in Mutare wanted to demonstrate against me.”

Chama’s visit to Zimbabwe was in response to irate congregants who handed over their petition outlining charges against Ruwona.

Part of the petition in possession of this publication read:

“Following several unresolved Diocesan issues dating as way back as 3rd December 2016, the concerned Anglicans are demanding that Bishop Erick Ruwona relinquish his position as the Bishop of Manicaland with immediate effect.”

 Ruwona os accused of misappropriation of Diocesan funds including $700 000 overdraft from Agribank.

The congregants allege that Ruwona and his cabal
misappropriated $1,098,800.00 school levies collected from September 1 2015 to March 31 2017 among other unverified amounts of school levies collected from April 1 2017 to date.

The congregants also allege that there was an embezzlement of $140 000 for Diocesan birthdays.

In a move that has raised much controversy, Chama held a secret meeting at a lodge in Harare with Ruwona and his cabal on April 4, before meeting the rest of concerned Anglicans the following day.

“He (Chama) held a meeting with Ruwona  and his cabal numbering to 15 that included the Magadas (Samuel and Portia), Mutungura (Ashel) and Kuwani (Jackson) who are his closest accomplices in milking the diocese of its finances,” said our source.

The source said Ruwona handpicked his loyalists to attend the private meeting with Chama that included four (names withheld) junior bootlicking pastors.

 Surprisingly, another named reverend who allegedly committed rape and fled to South Africa was recently re-admitted by Ruwona and appointed an arch deacon.

Others in attendance included reverends and church members loyal to Ruwona  who also stands accused of fraudulently selling church vehicles.

“How can a Bishop wine and dine with such a team of people with startling and alarming record? This is unholy and Satanic,” said a concerned Anglican who refused to be named.

After his visit to Harare, in his communiqué to the concerned Anglicans in possession of Zim Morning Post, Chama admitted to have had meetings with the two groups from the concerned Anglicans and that of Ruwona’s faction.

“I met with the petitioners together with Bishop Erick (Ruwona) on April 5 in Harare and also members of the standing in committee (Ruwona’s cabal) separately. At both meetings I raised the key issues raised by the congregants in their petition and gave guidance as to how best the diocese could proceed to address them and begin to heal,” he said.

Chama said he had asked for the audited accounts to be availed to him and engage experts to go through the diocesan accounts.

“I requested for other documents to be availed to me within seven days,” said Chama.

However, concerned Anglicans in a document on Thursday, accused Chama of bias and maintaining a soft stance on Ruwona, giving speculation that Chama was heavily compromised.

In their scathing attack to Chama, the concerned Anglicans said are worried that most contagious issues were being ignored:

“Although we are happy that, His Grace, the Archbishop and Primate of the Church of the Province of Central Africa, for the first time in the last three years, he admits and acknowledges that there are a number of serious allegations levelled against the Diocesan Bishop,” they said.

“We remain concerned about the manner in which these issues have been and are being handled,” read the communiqué to Chama.

“It appears Bishop Erick is enjoying the soft and protective stance from those who must resolve the issues being raised. Instead of reforming, Bishop Erick is enjoying the soft and protective stance from those who must resolve the issues being raised,” stated the concerned Anglicans.

According to investigations, there was no independent audit that has been conducted.

“Due to the gravity of this issue, we have always requested the suspension of Bishop Erick (Ruwona) or his going on leave to pave way for a proper and realistic forensic audit to be conducted with his interference, but to no avail” said the concerned Anglicans.

However, Chama did not answer to the question why he has failed to stamp authority against Ruwona, but, appealed to the concerned Anglicans to keep calm while a “sustained, amicable and peaceful resolution” was being pursued. ed0 Light