Alleluia Ministries gears up for mega ‘resurrection’ service

Popular denomination Alleluia Ministries is geared up for a massive ‘resurrection’  special services at their Sandton premises in South Africa this Easter holidays  with thousands of Christians expected to attend.

The denomination has attracted congregants from across the region and beyond.

Top regional celebrities including songstress Zahara have frequented the church.

Renowned man of cloth Prophet Alph Lukau will lead the miracle infested services that will start on Good Friday until Easter Sunday.

” Come and experience the mystery of the cross and the power of the  resurrection,” said the ministry in a statement.

Prophet Lukau is known for his prowess in performing miracles as well as healing the sick.

Speaking from South Africa, a ministry official said they are expecting thousands from across the globe to attend the events dubbed Easter Special Services.

“We are expecting thousands and thousands of people during the special services at our church.

The man of cloth Prophet Lukau is willing to meet all those who are going to attend.

The sick , afflicted and those with problems will be restored and healed,” he said.

The ministry has weathered the storm after being persecuted from all angles in the past weeks.

Lukau has also been involved in philanthropic works which has seen her making donations to the underprivileged in South Africa and other nations within the region.