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‘A CALL FOR ACTION’: CCC President Chamisa Ignites Post-Election Campaign

‘A CALL FOR ACTION’: CCC President Chamisa Ignites Post-Election Campaign

The president of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Advocate Nelson Chamisa, has initiated their post-election campaign, aiming to engage and articulate their action program after the August disputed election.

Mapping the Action Plan

CCC Supporters Listening To Their President

Updating CCC members, the deputy spokesperson disclosed that their leader has begun mapping out the action plan as part of their re-engagement efforts. The CCC aims to foster conversations and articulate their program of action through a Citizens interface.

“We have began our Citizens interface to converse and articulate our program of action,” stated Ostallos. 

Addressing Electoral Irregularities

Amos Chibaya Addressing CCC Supporters

“All the election observation missions including SADC confirmed that the recently ended elections were marred with irregularities that undermined the legitimacy of the whole electoral process,” stated deputy spokesperson.

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The CCC’s post-election campaign is driven by the recognition of irregularities highlighted by various election observation missions. These include the Southern African Development Community (SADC) which raised concerns about the legitimacy of the electoral process as a whole.

Seeking Clarity on Protest Plans

Following Ostallos’ tweet, some supporters sought further clarification on whether the CCC intends to organize protests. Others expressed that it was long overdue for the president to provide a signal regarding the party’s plans after the disputed election.

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As the CCC launches its campaign, citizens eagerly await further details on their proposed action plan. The post-election period presents an opportunity for the CCC to engage with the public and address the concerns arising from the disputed election.

Netizens Reactions


Interface rallies should not precede action.
Action first then interface rallies


We are done planning and talking, our blood must wash the streets if it means so. We are ready


Famba Chamisa Famba we are behind you all the way


Without protest in towns , forget about removing Ed on power,, let’s us go and March towards the state house, simple


Please explain what it is about