Trump blasted for ‘xenophobic’ rant on Coronavirus


UNITED States president Donald Trump on Tuesday received a backlash from critics over his seemingly xenophobic rants about the COVID-19 virus.

The controversial businessman-cum-politician labelled the virus as a ‘Chinese Virus’ on his official Twitter handle.

“The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like airlines and others that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus. We will be stronger than before,” Trump tweeted.

Twimbos had no kind words for Trump’s behaviour which embodies hate.

In response, a micro- blogger Eugene Gu MD said:

 “I’ve been deathly afraid of this exact moment where Trump turns to racism and xenophobia calls COVID-19 the Chinese Virus.

“We are in deep trouble as a nation that President of the United States makes the conscious decision to go down this dark path of hate.”

Conspiracy theories have emerged over the virus with accusations and counter accusations between United States and China over the origins of the virus.

One conspiracy theory suggests that the US army wantonly planted the COVID-19 to China.

This theory is premised on sensational claims by Trump that 20000 people died in the U.S due to influenza, a claim that some sections of Chinese politicians dismissed.

This section of Chinese critics argues that the ‘influenza’ was the birth of COVID-19, which later experienced mutation.

Trump has deployed language that critics say is racist and xenophobic in other areas of policy, most notably immigration.

His particular rhetoric around China feeds into a relationship of distrust between the two countries, which first emerged during Trump’s presidency around issues of trade and intellectual property.

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