Teachers threaten demo against Mthuli Ncube

Amalgamated Rural teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has announced that it will every month gather at the offices of the ministry of finance to mourn over their poor  wages.

In a statement issued Monday,  ARTUZ said it is not happy with the ministry of finance as it is showing neglect towards teachers and other civil servants and yet it makes the public to believe that they are content with current wages.

“We further note the arrogance of finance minister Mthuli Ncube who has the audacity to lie to the world that teachers and other civil servants are happy with current slave wages,”read part of  the statement.

ARTUZ has called upon the nation to gather every month wearing  black regalia which it says signifies the ‘death’ of their salaries .

“Mourners should wear black as we send clear messages to Mthuli Ncube that we are not happy and we demand immediate restoration of the value of our salaries ,“ further read the statement.

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe has been fighting against low wages for some time .