Opposition MDC divided over strategy to confront Zanu PF

  • Biti camp want confrontational approach
  • Chamisa says there are no divisions

THE Nelson Chamisa-led opposition party, MDC, is in turmoil over a better strategy to implement in order to confront the ruling Zanu PF party as the economy continues to tank.

This comes as squabbles within the echelons of power in the MDC leadership continue to take ce vice president Tendai Biti is agitating for a full blown confrontation centred on massive demonstrations to render the country ungovernable until Zanu PF is forced to the dialogue table.

The Chamisa faction, on the other hand, has been more tolerant and prefers a non-violent confrontational approach.

Chamisa has taken flake for failing to be decisive in as far as rolling out demonstrations is concerned.

There are always clashes with some saying the soft-stance approach will not yield results,” said a high ranking official in the MDC.

We have been waiting for a signal from the party president,” said the source.

The other senior party official, Job Sikhala, who is the MDC vice chairperson, is also believed to be part of the Biti radical camp which believes the President Emmerson Mnangagwa government cannot be removed by a soft approach.

Sikhala was arrested and charged in 2019 after he said that he was going to confront the Mnangawa regime

“If you take a close look in the MDC the Biti faction is very radical and he has people like Sikhala who was arrested last year and during his trial the Masvingo court chambers were always filled to capacity and on the acquittal day there was a massive demonstration,” said  Michael Dama a Political analyst.

The cracks were exposed at the time when Sikhala was arrested. The MDC deputy spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, threw the outspoken politician under the bus.

“For the record MDC believes in constitutional, democratic, non-violent and legal means of resolving the national crisis. We have never been perpetrators of illegality and violence. If anything we have always been the victims,” read part of the statement

In an interview with this publication, the MDC Youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen Chuma dismissed reports of divisions in the party over how to confront Zanu PF.

We are very united and fully behind our President Nelson Chamisa, there are no divisions in the party and you already know that the President finished addressing all our provinces.

The message is people are fed up with Emmerson Mnangagwa regime and they are unanimous and unambiguous that only President Chamisa is our best foot forward.

“The talk of division is ZANU PF equalization politics which is meant to portray MDC as a factional ridden party, which is the case in ZANU PF,”  Chuma said

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