‘Heroes’ graves in sorry state’, laments Chief Chikwaka

Even the dead, it seems, cannot escape Zimbabwe’s tanking economy.

This comes on the back of poor maintenance of liberation war heroes’ grave sites in national monuments around the country.

Chief Chikwakwa raised alarm over the deplorable situation obtaining during question and answer time in Senate last week saying the graves of liberation icons were in a derelict state and many had even sunk.

“Is there legislation in place concerning liberation heroes acres in districts and also the upkeep of these grave sites? 

“We face challenges when there are commemorations of heroes’ holidays because sometimes the graves are dilapidated and others have sunk.  It is a pitiful sight.  Is there a policy that allows these grave sites to be well maintained and kept because these liberation war heroes fought a good fight for the liberation of the county?” he questioned.

Deputy Minister of Defence and War Veterans Victor Matemadanda said policy is there and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage under which overseas national monuments  

He however, added:

 “We are also concerned that the liberation hero grave sites are not being well maintained but it is not within our Ministry’s jurisdiction but under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage.”