COVID-19: How Africa may never be the same again


THE COVID-19 season – since around the turn of last year into 2020 – has greatly altered the face of Africa, with many of the things its peoples took for granted taking a drastic turn.

Among some of the things that have changed is some of its cultural norms like observance of the extended family.

COVID-19 has almost singlehandedly brought closure to such things, with the family unit now almost a no-go area as people seek to shield themselves from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only that, governments in many African States – in particular rich ones – no longer welcome immigrants from other countries, amid fears of the spread of the virus in their own jurisdictions.

For instance, it is no secret that other African soujourners in countries like South Africa, Botswana and Madagasca are being repatriated back to their homes.

There also seems to be closure of space for intranational trade among poor Africans such as vendors, with boarders now shutdown for any such activities.

That has obviously hit peoples from poor countries hard, with countries such as Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi suffering the brunt following years of misgovernance by authorities in their respective countries.

With regards to dependency on such things as the health facilities of other nations, in the past a mere headache was sufficient to commandeer a jet or whole passenger plane to places such as South Africa by the top leadership of countries where medical facilities are poor.

But now, if our memory serves us right here at Zim Morning Post, the last top goverment official to be sent on a medical jaunt to South Africa was Vice President Constantino Chiwenga early this year.

But one thing is now clear, that may now never happen due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, with anyone wishing to do so having to be quarantined in foreign lands.

It is clear, therefore, that the pandemic, although it may eventually come to an end one day, the dent it will leave may always be with us in the unforeseeable future.


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