Buyanga ‘kidnaps’ son in movie-style fashion

  • Bodyguards in black suits kidnaps businessman’s son in Waterfalls
  • minor child’s maternal grandmother injured in the movie-style child extraction proccess

THE long-drawn child custody dispute pitting businessman Frank Buyanga and his ‘baby mother’ Chantelle Muteswa has become messy as Buyanga allegedly engineered the movie-style kidnapping of his son on Thursday in Harare, Zim Morning Post can report.

Buyanga allegedly sent two white bodyguards wearing black suits and they forcibly extracted the minor child from a Honda Fit vehicle and sped off in in their get-away car – a Ford Ranger.

He was in the company of his grandmother who was injured in the process.

The minor child’s maternal grandmother was injured in the process

The video of the kidnapping has gone viral on social media where passers-by were filmed running for their lives as they assumed that it was an undercover security operation.

 On March 19, Justice Happias Zhou handed down a landmark ruling which gave Buyanga and Chantelle joint custody of the child.

He ruled that both parents can lawfully enjoy joint guardianship and custody of the child and when they appear before the courts they should be considered equal parents.

In the case of a deadlock, either can approach the court for recourse, submitted Zhou.

However, Chantelle revealed that Zhou’s ruling was suspended after she appealed to a higher court.

“Mr Buyanga filed for joint custody (HC3971/19) in March of 2019, the matter was heard by Judge Zhou in July 2019 and a decision granting him joint custody was handed down on 19th March 2020. That order is currently suspended through an appeal I made to the Supreme Court on March 23rd 2020,” said Chantelle.

Case of the ex- : Chantelle Muteswa, Buyanga’s ex-girlfriend and baby mother

She further stated that Buyanga was of a violent disposition and she cited an incident in South Africa where he dumped her and their child.

“In 2016, Mr Buyanga invited us to his hotel in South Africa where he physically abused myself and the child, he threw us out and made us destitute before strangers offered us assistance. We returned home to Zimbabwe. On my return, he, as usual, falsely reported that I had kidnapped my own child. In most of his affidavits before the courts, Mr Buyanga swears to false statements which elsewhere would be a criminal offence,” she said.

Meanwhile, this publication understands that the seemingly paranoid Buyanga has sought the services of highly trained white South African bodyguards.

 He also recently approached a certain Highlands properties company (name withheld) looking for a ‘secure’ house with a ‘getaway’ exit.

He accused Chantelle of dating one of President Mnangagwa’s twin sons, a claim she vehemently denied.

“I am not romantically involved with either gentlemen, and most certainly not with both of them. Mr Buyanga is a habitual liar and survives by it, his attempts to hoodwink the public are born out of desperation that he has not been able to capture and abuse the First Family. I extend my sincere apologies the targeted members of the First Family and I fully understand that they may not be able to respond publicly to these falsities,” Chantelle stated in a public statement released Thursday.