23-YEAR-OLD robber sentenced to 58 years in prison

HARARE magistrate Gloria Takundwa on Monday sentenced a 23-year-old man to 58 years in prison after finding him guilty of 25 counts of robbery.

The convict, Bruce Kudzaishe Mutsigwa, pleaded guilty in all of the 25 counts.

Takundwa found Mutsigwa guilty and sentenced him to 58 years imprisonment. Ten years were suspended on account of good behaviour.

A further eight years was suspended on account he restituted the complainants of what he had robbed them.

This would leave the convict to serve a 40-year prison term.

The State claimed that in all of the 25 counts, Mutsigwa would use a vehicle for easy of doing his heinous acts.

The crime was aggravated by the fact that there was use of violence and weapons, which was enough to traumatise the victims.

The State, which was represented by Farirai Nyamutowa, said in some incidents, complainants were shoved out of a moving vehicle, inflicting pain or injuries on their bodies.

“He used a motor vehicle to move from point A to point B as he hunted for his prey. All complainants are females, meaning he targeted the weak and helpless species. Accused benefited from the offences and most of the items stolen were never recovered,” Nyamutowa said.