ZEC chair Chigumba ‘reunites’ with ex-husband?

There is a thin line between a private and public or professional life and one such victim is Priscilla Chigumba who is the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson.

Zim Morning Post is informed that the charismatic technocrat ‘reunited’ with her ex-husband and businessman Mac Chigumba and the two were spotted at a party held in Harare last week.

This publication is in possession of   images of the two captured at the party in a jolly good mood giving rise to speculation of the two being an ‘item’ again.

The couple part ways more than two decades ago and are blessed with four children.

The ‘reunion’ puts to rest speculative reports that shut down the webosphere in 2018 suggesting that she had a sexual relationship with a ZANU PF cabinet minister (name withheld).

The allegations were made by Edmund Kudzayi, former editor at the Sunday Mail and Information Technology expert on his Twitter handle.

Rumours of her alleged pregnancy also emerged although this was proven untrue.

“Priscilla and Mac are back together and recently they actually held a party for their daughter Mukai who turned 21.

“They were really cosy and re-ignited the flames of twenty years ago when they met in high school when she was at St Ignatius College.

“They have not formally communicated to their families but I can put it to you that arikufambidzana (they are dating).

“For the record she is not pregnant, it’s just her stomach which had a bulge,” revealed our source who is close to the family.

Efforts to get a comment from both parties hit a snag as their mobile phones were unreachable at the time of writing.

However,Priscilla is on record for not entertaining questions pertaining to her personal life.

My private life is my private life and it should remain exactly that…I am not in any sexual relationship with a presidential candidate,” she told a local radio station last year.

Civil Society Groups threw their weight against Chigumba then and they said her private life must be respected.

“I believe in Zimbabwe we should be looking at a more professional way to engage beyond the person of Priscilla as the Zec chairperson. The comments, the criticism, the social media posts have now dug into her personal life. That is unacceptable and personally as a woman I also feel aggrieved on her behalf.

We have to work in a more professional manner,” popular activist Jenni Williams was qouted as saying.