ZAOGA power struggles: An Insider speaks out


I am member of ZAOGA church and my  heart bleeds just knowing that my church will split. Even as I read this piece on the Zim Morning Post website. I know ZAOGA will split.

Here are challenges that will cause ZOGA to split

There is not clear succession plan. ZAOGA does not have a constitution as we speak. There is a rules and policy document that is not even 5% clear of how the succession will unfold.

The RULES AND POLICY talks about the President of ZAOGA after Baba Guti, but it is silent to who will be eligible to run for President, who will be eligible to vote, who will oversee or run the election and how will the voting be conducted.

It is not clear at all. Questions have been asked in the past about succession and it seems like talking about succession in ZAOGA is taboo.

Baba Guti once said that “People that were not there when God started this church are asking on succession. God will run the church after I am gone”.

As it stands, people have already started aligning themselves with those that are powerful. I feel the past Secretary General Dr Rupapa was promoted as a way of managing him. He had a lot of power as SG. He was transfered to a position of Overseer in Mutare and later promoted to Bishop, and posted to Canada.

A Bishop is an Elder of the church who often acts in Advisory capacity and does not have any executive power, but is generally respected. As it stands, all strategic roles have been taken by people related to the Gutis.

Check who is responsible for transfers in ZAOGA. The one responsible for transfers is Baba Guti’s daughter, and obviously she is critical since she can place loyal people in strategic Assembles like Borrowdale.

Check who is the Finance Director of ZAOGA, it is a daughter. Also check the Auditor of ZAOGA, that is a relative.

Also a daughter is responsible for missions, and people sent out to preach oversees. Most of the money comes from the disapora and loyal people have to be posted there.

Also check who is the Deputy Secretary General, a son in law Dr Steve Simukai. The current Secretary General Reverend Nyambo is a figurehead if you do your research. The Deputy Secretary General runs the show and we believe that is why Reverend Rupapa was pushed out from the SG post.

There is a Bishop Chadoka, who happens to be Shingisai Suluma’s father. He was an HQ Bishop who had some executive power, and was pushed out.

Find out why he was pushed out, succession. There is an HQ Bishop David Gangata who was very very powerful, and was baba Guti’s right hand man. Why was he stripped of all the power he had?

In ZAOGA an Overseer is the most senior person at a Province and has executive powers, so most Overseers are being promoted to Bishops, yet the promotions are meant to strip them of real power.

There are a lot of Overseers that have been promoted to Bishops. Why? A Bishop does not have power and a Bishop is a retiree who only works as an advisor when consulted. A Bishop actually goes to rest at home, and might not do any church work for years if an Overseer does not ask for advice.

Advising is not executive power. So a Bishop can be be an ordinary church member, effectively. Most of these Bishops started the church with Baba Guti in the 1960s and 1970s and they are obviously threats to the G40 young turks that want to take over. So they are being managed.

You can also check on the position Dr Joseph Guti has at ZEGU. He was strategically placed there. Had it not been for his PhD from an unaccredited institution, he would be the Vice Chancellor.

Every strategic position now has loyal people. Even staffing at ZEGU, Mbuya Dorcas hospital and all important offices. A recent development, Overseers will now not just Oversee Provinces, but will also be in Charge of the biggest churches in the Provinces, and I believe this is meant to ensure they are in touch with what is on the ground. 


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