ZANU PF youth league fires warning shots at Tsenengamu

The ZANU PF youth league has issued a statement regarding a message circulating on social media distancing itself from the statements believed to be from their national youth political commissar Godfrey Tsenegamu. 

In a hard hitting press statement ,the youth league said Tsenengamu’s actions are bent on tarnishing the name of the party therefore should not be tolerated from someone who holds such important position in the youth league. 

“We note with concern social media statements attributed to the secretary for the commissariat in the ZANU PF youth league Cde Godfrey Tsenengamu.

 We would like to believe that the statements are not his, if they  are unfortunately his, we would wish to warn him not to put the name of the party into disrepute.”

The youth league further said the statements are not in line with the beliefs and culture of the “revolutionary party” and are aimed at derailing the progress made so far.

The Youth league said it was aware of some G40 elements within the party and said they will not hesitate to put an end to those elements since the youth league was the vanguard of the party.

A message circulating on social media says that Tsenangamu has retired from his position on basis that he  was no longer fit to be called a youth.

“Youth ends At 35 and I am 36 turning 37 soon. I am voluntarily stepping aside and real youths must take over. Ndosvikepi ndichinzi youth?(for how long should I continue being called a youth”

He statement insinuated that old people were running the party’s youth league. ZANU PF Youth League leader Pupurai Togarepi is 52 years old and Tsenangamu’s statement was in apparent reference to him.

Tsenengamu made headlines during former president Robert Mugabe’s reign when he fought in President Mnangagwa’s corner against  the G 40 faction.