Zacc probes Nssa/NBS ZWL$400 million housing project scandal


Zacc probes Nssa/NBS ZWL$400 million housing project scandal

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) last week launched an investigation into the National Social Security Authority (Nssa) and National Building Society (NBS) controversial ZWL$ 400 million  Dzivarasekwa housing project scandal, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

The investigation comes at a time when the Acting NBS managing Director John Mapiye is currently on forced leave after the majority Shareholder in NBS, Nssa interfered with the housing project tender processing.

A dossier seen by Zim Morning Post details how Nssa interfered with the NBS procurement department in order to armtwist the bank so that the contract could be awarded to a company that failed to win the bid.

Insiders told Zim Morning Post that Nssa management had to gatecrash the NBS procurement department and demanded an emergence audit on the tender despite the fact that the process was still underway.

“It is absurd that a shareholder directly orders for an audit without notifying the NBS board,” said the source.

“Nssa internal auditors stormed the procurement department and harrassed the NBS tender adjudication committee on an ongoing tender which has not yet been awarded.”

According to documents seen NBS adjudication committee recommended that the tender be awarded to Reegul who had scored the highest mark of 83.44% and had displayed the highest level of quality of units and capacity.

“These recommendations were forwarded to the Accounting Officer, the Acting Managing Director John Mapiye,” reads the document.

“The AO agreed with the recommendations as approved that these be forwarded to PRAZ for further evaluation and awarding . The submission to PRAZ was  done on the 24th of March 2021.”

Sources said Nssa’ preferred company, Nengo Construction, came third and this forced Nssa to directly interfere with the process.

“Nssa wanted a report detailing the adjudication process and even recommending that the whole process be cancelled and the contract be awarded to top three bidders,” another source said.

“Mapiye could not accept this order and the only way out was to push for his forced leave so that by the time he is back the tender would have been awarded to the preferred company.”

Last week, sources said, Zacc invited NBS officials who sit in the adjudication committee for interviews.

“They are questioning the whole process and we hope Nssa internal auditors will also be interviewed.

“The whole issue is a scandal of monumental heights and Zacc should stop such stinking corruption,” said one member of the NBS adjudication committee.

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