Villager shot, injured for “trespassing” in Marange diamond fields


MUTARE – A villager, suspected to be an illegal miner in Chiadzwa, was recently shot and injured by a security guard from state-owned mining concern Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) for allegedly trespassing a diamond concession, Zim Morning Post can report.

Oscar Maunze (22) was shot on the night of January 2 in the diamond field by a ZCDC security guard with a mossberg gun that ripped open his right chick, after being accused of trespassing.

The Zimbabwe Diamond Allied Workers Union (ZIDAWU) president, Cosmas Sunguro, confirmed the incident.

Maunze said the victim was treated at a local clinic and discharged, adding that Maunze was in pain at home.

“ZCDC should stop brutalising the local people. In fact, they should come up with effective ways of stopping poverty in the area,” he said.  

“We still expect them to offer some of these youths decent employment. As ZIDAWU, we propose that they reserve some of the mining portions not ideal for commercial diamond mining to be released to local youths as part of empowerment,” Sunguro said. 

Reached for comment, ZCDC spokesperson Sugar Chagonda professed ignorance on the matter.

“I am out of office right now, but l will have to check and come back to you regarding this matter,” said said.

Chagonda would not give further information at the time of going to Press.

The Centre For Research and Development (CRD) has said the ZCDC security guards have exacerbated and exploited the lawlessness on the fields and were targeting defenseless artisanal miners.

“The ZCDC security guards are currently responsible for serious human rights abuses, including killings, shootings, torture, beatings, and harassment deployed to drive out the artisanal miners.

“For the greater part, the villagers in the area have complained of arbitrary arrests, beatings, and harassment that have continued unabated,” James Mupfumi, who is the CRD director, said.

Community Services Organisations (CSOs) working in Marange have received reports of gross human rights abuses.

An undocumented number of people have been shot, injured or killed by both state and private security guards in the mining concession since government moved in to formalise the extraction of the precious stone in 2008.



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