Tsvangirai’s son jeered at father’s memorial

There was drama at the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai’s memorial service last Saturday when his son Edwin was victim to loud jeers by MDC- A supporters who were against his remarks thanking the government for assisting with food and other logistics at the event.

The memorial service was held at the Tsvangirai homestead in Humanikwa, Buhera.

Speculative reports suggested that the people behind the uproar were ‘bussed’ Chamisa supporters a, claim that party spokesperson Jacob Mafume vehemently refuted.

He told this publication on Monday that he acknowledged the jeering incident but distanced his president and party from the development.

“We are aware of what happened in Humanikwa and we   are not responsible for the people’s feelings at rallies, funerals and party events since our members and the MT (Tsvangirai) family know what appease their supporters and what angers them.”

“It’s like in church when the pastor condemns the devil for people’s suffering if the congregation jeers on the devil you can’t then go and say they jeered the pastor. the people where not jeering Edwin they were in fact jeering Mnangagwa,” said Mafume.

However, the development was received with mixed feelings from political activists across the divide.

“Edwin Tsvangirai jeered by bussed Chamisa supporters at his father’s memorial!

“Oh my God MDC is descending into a horrible cult,” tweeted one Kuda Mtisi.

The development gives credence to reports that the relationship between Chamisa and Tsvangirai family is tense.

Prior to the event, Tsvagirai’s brother submitted that it was a family event and banned party regalia, a directive that MDC Alliance poured scorn on.