Thousands being looted as ZINARA, Univern ‘fight’ over rehabilitation of Mbudzi toll gate


The relationship between Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) and Univern Enterprise has always raised a stink with special concern on the awarding of tenders to Univern Enterprise ranging from supply of graders, toll gate construction and installation of Information Technology system among others.

The relationship brings mutual financial benefit to the senior management in both parties and this relationship has taken an ironic twist.

Zim Morning Post has learnt that Univern and Zinara are embroiled in fight over the demolished tollgate located along the Harare-Masvingo highway  just after the Mbudzi roundabout.

 Univern is obliged by a contract to construct and service toll gates in the country but our sources told us that there are throwing the burden to ZINARA.

It was demolished during the #ShutdownZimbabwe demonstrations which rocked the country between 14 and 16 January 2019

The toll gate in question is one of the major cash cows as it links Harare to the border town of Beitbridge.

As such, the dilapidated state of the lucrative toll gate has given rise to leakages and massive looting since no proper IT and accounting system is in place.

Zim Morning Post understands that they are cartels which are working with employees at the toll gate.

They are cartels which are being led by big boys (names supplied) in ZINARA and Univern who do not want this toll gate to be fixed because they are benefiting from the current situation at the toll gate and they know that if the problem is fixed they will lose money,” said a an impeccable source.

The ‘fight’ and delay in reconstruction of the tollgate therefore renews the ‘romance’ between ZINARA and Univern management as they capitalise on the loophole.

The contract seen by Zim Morning Post indicates that Univern should service every toll gate but sources within Univern are saying that Univern is not obliged to service toll gate which were destroyed on basis of violence .

Univern is supposed to service all toll gates but not those that have been destroyed as a result of political violence basis,” said an insider at Univern.

Univern Chief Executive Officer Philemon Mushosho however poured cold water on the allegations and said there was no fight between the two parties.

He said the delay in renovating the toll gate is that there are a lot of government departments involved.

ZINARA and Univern are engaged in a number of deals, ranging from software provision, supply of graders, stationary, vehicle licencing, and radio and television licensing among others.

The company also gets a lion’s share from license fee collections, vehicle transit fees and fuel levy as well as road access fees.

And the benefits to Univern vary according to contract, with earnings ranging from 12 percent to as high as  22 percent of ZINARA’s gross earnings per category.


  1. Univern once again. A company run by the Levys who also sold snowploughs to govt. What a joke and police refuse to act

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