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Executive Summary

This proposition gives an outline of solutions that Sportsure Medical Aid Society can offer in as far as providing medical cover to sports people in the event of either short term or long-term injuries so that they can quickly recover and go back to the field of play.

Our product offerings are premised on the basis that each and every one of our clients has unique needs. On the same regard, Sportsure caters for the specific injuries relating to sports disciplines and identified specialists to treat the injuries. These include the following: –

  • Sports Scientists- for injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapists-for First Aid on instant injuries and rehabilitation
  • General Practitioners- for Therapy which includes injections, scans and x-rays
  • Sports Psychologists

Overview of Sportsure Medical Aid Society

Sportsure Medical Aid Society is a wholly owned Zimbabwean Medical Aid Society which was mooted in April 2018 with the objective of providing a broad spectrum of medical care services to sports persons in sports industry.

Sportsure Medical Aid Society’s Vision

To be the most accessible and affordable medical cover to all sports persons, fans and their families in Zimbabwe.

Sportsure Medical Aid Society’s Mission

To provide quality and innovative medical cover to sports persons in both rural and urban settings.

Sportsure Medical Aid Society’s Values

We are committed to promoting the following values to our members;

  • Quality– to offer specialised medical cover for body conditioning and body management.
  • Efficiency– to give timeous delivery at the specified sports events when they are required
  • Integrity– We do what we say, thereby creating customer trust and confidence
  • Innovation– We identify new opportunities in the market place and increase our

flexibility to adapt to change.

Sportsure Medical Aid Society’s Philosophy

Sportsure has observed with contestation the number of our sports persons/athletes who have had their careers cut short through injuries because of lack of adequate medical care. The Society has developed a strategic alliance with Sports medicine practitioners who provide the necessary medical care, sporting associations and all levels of educational institutions. Sportsure has identified and begun the numerous tasks necessary to organise and mobilise sports people to join this healthcare service which will enable them to:

  • Connect with the specialists mentioned above in the event of injury
  • Access affordable medical Aid cover for the sports persons
  • Access mobile hospitals for sports events like youth sports games, sports festivals like Rugby Festivals and general school sports events in both rural and urban settings.

Sportsure Medical Aid Society is committed to providing clients with superior service through:

  • Provision of professional knowledge and expertise on sports injuries and treatment.
  • Continual product and process improvement, both internally and with partners.
  • Creation of strong client relationships.

Sportsure Medical Aid Society’s Objectives Our objectives include the following:

  • To provide a platform for sportspersons to be looked after medically by professional and qualified personnel who understand injuries that arise during sporting activities
  • To adequately cater for sports people so that they immediately return to the field of play quick enough without much loss of income
  • To gradually move into primary and secondary schools, colleges by covering all students participating in sport and removing the burden on parents for all sport related injuries
  • Sportsure aims at high contributions through competitive pricing which caters for all economic levels of members.
  • Reliability. Ability to perform the promised service dependably and consistently.
  • Empathetic, timely and appropriate communication with clients & other stakeholders.

Sportsure Medical Aid Society Product offerings

Sports industry is a vital component of the health care delivery system of Zimbabwe. The segments are professional sports persons, non-professional and students.

The products offered by the Sportsure include the following: –

  • Mobile Hospitals– for sports events e.g. youth sports games, cricket tournaments and festivals like the Rugby sports festivals
    • Mobile Clinics situated in all sports centres where the events are including intra and inter schools/ college sports activities and remove the burden of caring for injuries to the responsible authorities
    • Air Rescue Unit – An evacuation unit for clients that get injured in remote areas and need specialised attention like school children whose schools are far away from main hospitals.


Products Grassroots PackMedian PackSuper League Pack

Below are Sportsure Medical Aid Society contact details.

Service Email:    Mobile: +263 772 472 263; +263 8644 076 264



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