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Rimo ‘loots’ Ginimbi debts

One of the late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s close friends is allegedly chasing debts owed to the late multi-millionaire without the knowledge and consent of the Kadungure family, Zim Morning Post has heard.

Tinotenda “Rimo” Marimo, popularly known as Rimo Jackson, is allegedly capitalising on the fact that most of Ginimbi’s transactions were not documented in black and white and had no paper trail.

“Rimo was always with Ginimbi so he was privy to most transactions and knows who owes what and how much. So he is chasing those debts and pocketing,” an impeccable source said of the celebrity disc jockey.

“Standard procedure is he should surrender to the family or executor,” added the source.

Zim Morning Post understands that last week Rimo went to a Sports Club in Mt Pleasant and collected US$600 that Ginimbi had paid as deposit to rent and run an eatery located at the club.

“Rimo came through when we were having lunch. He was in a no nonsense mood and he had a quick chat with the manager and left. We then asked the manager why Rimo was in such a rush and that’s when we learnt he had come for Genius’ money,” said a patron at the club.

The late Ginimbi and Rimo are said to have dined at the joint and the former was impressed with the ambience of the joint and proposed to rent and run it.

He reached an agreement with management and was asked to pay a deposit of US$600 and he complied.

He was in the company of Rimo throughout the deal, our source revealed.

When contacted for comment Rimo was evasive, he demanded to know our source before abruptly hanging up the phone.

The manager at the joint could neither confirm nor deny the development citing client confidentiality.

Rimo is a co-director of NR Entertainment along with Tinashe Chavi better known by his moniker Nash.

The entertainment company’s fortunes were  affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as like the rest of the players in the arts industry.

His partner Nash ventured into a now thriving furniture business and he is also a director in Wicknell Chivayo’s energy company Intratek.

It is not clear which contingent plan for alternative income Rimo employed.

His boutique, Rimo’s, located along George Silundika Avenue has been leased out for a while now.

Some sources said Rimo had turned to gambling.

“Well, Rimo is a lucky gambler,” said an impeccable source.

“He would make huge jackpots and casinos. I saw him at Regency Casino the other day and also at Shangri-La and he was gambling all night ,” said a source.

Zim Morning Post has it on good authority that at one time he lost his white Mercedes Benz to a Chinese national after a gamble had gone south.

The Mercedes Benz was given to him as a gift by his friend Chivayo, who reportedly forked out US$50 000.

Rimo, however, managed to recover the vehicle after settling the Chinese national.

Sources in Rimo’s circle of friends told this publication that the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with relationship problems affected Rimo emotionally and financially, forcing him to ‘crush’ at Ginimbi’s Domboshava mansion where he was staying until the time of his friend’s tragic death.

“Rimo is a hustler but lately the Covid-19 and relationship issues broke him my guy,” said Rimo’s friend who requested anonymity.

“He was staying with his fiancee Charlene in Newlands and they had issues and obviously it causes emotional instability.”

“Covid 19 lockdown also crippled the arts industry and he had no gigs,” the friend added.

Rimo did not sire an children with Charlene but has a child from a previous marriage to a lady identified only as Fadzai.

Charlene has two children fathered by Food World boss Brian Chisvo.

Meanwhile, the High Court will hand down ruling on Mitchel ‘Moana’ Amuli’burial on Wednesday.

Both parties submitted their arguments on Monday and the matter was presided over by Pisirayi Kwenda.

Moana was part of four people who perished in a horrific accident along Borrowdale Road earlier this month.