Relief for an 80-year-old woman


IT is almost lunch hour and several people are sitting outside their houses in Toronto Street Old Tafara Mabvuku to escape from the sweltering summer heat.

Among them is an 80 year old woman, Egness Blakestone, who literally has nothing else to do.

Widowed at a young age, childless and now immobilised by a leg fracture, she has lived a sad and solitary life for 21 years and yet, relies on the golden-hearted of her neighbours as she cannot do anything on her own.

Blackstone’s relatives stay in Zambia where she originally came from and for 21 years doctors have failed to remove rods they have developed rust forcing her leg to be swollen.

“I have no children and no relatives in Zimbabwe because I come from Zambia; my condition is deteriorating because doctors have said they can’t do anything. I am stuck with this,” she narrated while showing her leg.

Now she is being taken care of by a friend who broke down narrating what Blackstone is going through.

“I have been staying with her for a year now and taking her out is a real struggle, she is in pain and cannot walk on her own,” she said.

On Friday last week she got a huge sigh of relief when she got a wheel chair from Impala Car Rental through Alfred Dondo Foundation.

The organisation promptly answered a request by an organisation Mwanachipo Africa Trust that deals with people without children.

Heaven Munyuki cofounder of local humanitarian organisation, Mwanachipo said they had to call Alfred Dondo Foundation because of its programmes that are changing lives.

“We have seen things that are being done by Impala Car Rental through Alfred Dondo Foundation and we did not hesitate to call them seeing Blackstone’s condition. We are happy that they have come on board and assist her,” said Munyuki.

“These guys are doing wonders and their work should be commended. We as Mwanachipo Africa Trust we are really grateful that one of our members has been assisted by Impala Car Rental,” he said.

Tracy Ngoma, Impala Car Rental brand and projects manager said they were just doing their cooperate social responsibility and will continue assisting those in need.

“Our foundation Alfred Dondo will continue with the work and we are happy that we are impacting lives. We have managed to but a wheel chair and groceries for her hopping also to make her see doctors for her condition,” she said.

After the donation she was taken around Torondo Street, waving her hand with a huge sigh of relief all over her face.

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