Phatisani Sibanda joins Power FM, his radio ‘mojo’ still ‘burning’


Prominent radio personality Phatisani Sibanda still got his ‘mojo’ on radio!

One year after leaving Star FM after an eight year stint on the famed 263 Express, Sibanda made a massive comeback after joining the Power FM breakfast show on Thursday, with his traditional ‘Midas Touch’ that mesmerised listeners.

His new assignment is a tag team with equally talismanic Tinashe Chikuse, a veteran dreadlocked radio star.

On his ‘divorce’ with Star FM, rumours flew on social media that Sibanda, better known as Shumbapazvose, will never join any other radio station on the land.

However, as usual, social media lies have short legs, his voice roared on the Power FM airwaves Thursday morning.

He successfully served a healthy breakfast to his legions of fans.

The music on his playlist and his vocal delivery tasted like soul food!

In an interview with Zim Morning Post Lifestyle, Shumbapazvose revealed that he joined Power FM on a part time basis which has the blessings of his employer- a diversified business entity with footprints across industries.

He said he appreciated the response from his loyal fans.

“It’s good to be back on radio and I thank the fans for the positive response and rave reviews. Radio is my passion so I liaised with my employer who allowed me to join the station at an arrangement confidential to us. It was a good experience on my debut show,” said Shumbapazvose.

The charismatic radio personality has a decorated track history in the entertainment industry having worked as the artist and repertoire manager at Diamond Studios at a time that the likes of Sulumani Chimbetu, Nicholas Zakaria, Tongai Moyo and so on where part of the stable.

Breakfasts shows are known to be the hardest shows on radio as it psyches listeners for the day.
The slot has been held by veteran presenters like DJ Squilla, DJ Zobha, Bubbling Bee, Buttherphly, DJ Scott and many more.


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