Pensioners miss out on last year’s bonuses


GOVERNMENT pensioners have expressed outrage after they missed out on last years bonuses.

Pensioners tore into government over what they said was last month’s raw deal at the hands of responsible government authorities, accusing authorities of deliberate favouritism.

Government pensioners said the bureaucracy appears to entertain the notion that those in current employment matter more in terms of output capacity.

“Those at the apex of the current red tape seem to have a short memory. Government conveniently forgets about the faithful years these pensioners have given away to it in the form of labour,” Stephen Chimunhu, who claimed to have worked for the Government of Zimbabwe for more than 30 years, said.

In November last year, Zim Morning Post spoke with Ambassador Wutaunashe, Secretary of the Public Service Commission, who emphasised that whatever increment the civil servants would be awarded, pensioners would also be entitled to a certain percentage of it.

But herein, Wutaunashe only seemed to confirm the 2019 scenario where pensioners, alongside their former counterparts in government, got 50 percent of that year’s fringe benefit.

Following the announcement by Wutaunashe, a 40 percent salary review was awarded to all civil servants, with teachers getting a further 10 percent.

The above never cascaded to pensioners.

“Sometimes one wonders if the current policy implementers understand that they will one day retire,” Chimunhu quipped.

According to Chimunhu, all other civil servants received their bonuses before Christmas Day but pensioners, despite being more vulnerable to ill health and other conditions, never received anything last year.

Chimunhu lamented the fact that whereas civil servants had the Apex Council and other organisations to represent them, pensioners had none.

“Look at government pensioners; a miserable lot. As pensioners, unlike civil servants, have none to represent us,” he said.

“As if to show that pensioners are second class, no minister has ever been appointed to represent that very important and vulnerable segment,” Chimunhu added.

Another pensioner who did not want his identity revealed took government to task over what he said was favouritism in the disbursement of the COVID-19 allowances.

“We all have equal chances of exposure to COVID-19. It is kind of confusing how the two different figures; 30 percent and 75 percent for pensioners and those employed, were arrived at,” the pensioner said.

Meanwhile, according to a World Health Organisation report, government has been urged to pay pensioners more because of their many underlying problems and vulnerabilities related with old age such as low and high Blood Pressure.

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