No funds for political parties…As government is financially stretched

GOVERNMENT has said funds to pay up political parties are not yet available as they are embattled in importing basic commodities and the cushioning of financially struggling Zimbabweans.

In a press statement the government said their hands are full and can not give funds to political parties.

“Treasury is sized with the importation of basic goods and prioritising the cushioning of the general public from the current economic challenges” read the statement.

The government said it will pay the political parties in the following weeks if the funds become available.

“When funds to finance political parties are available they will concurrently be disbursed to all eligible political parties which is expected to happen within the next few weeks “ read another part of the the statement .

The government is mandated to disburse funds to eligible political parties by the Political Parties (Finances) Act chapter (2:1).

Meanwhile MDC has blamed lack of funding for the loss in the recently held by-elections.