Ngarivhume reaches out to hesitant Chamisa

Defiant: Jacob Ngarivhume says detention made him more determined to fight for the people

By Nicholas Gochai

Transform Zimbabwe president Jacob Ngarivhume has urged MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa to put pressure on President Emmerson Mnangagwa through the international community.

“My brother  Nelson Chamisa, people are suffering. At this rate, many will not survive to 2023. It is time for us to bring our heads together and acknowledge the common bond which binds us,” wrote Ngarivhume on his twitter account.

Ngarivhume said pro-democracy leaders must start putting pressure on the United Nations if the opposition is to help solve the crisis the country is facing and that the world was aware of the human rights abuses in the country but was waiting for the opposition to speak with one voice.

 “The whole world now knows what kind of man (Emmerson) Mnangagwa is.  Now is the time to take the people’s cry for help to the world. We must ratchet up pressure on the United Nations Human Rights to acknowledge the deteriorating situation and give the people a voice on the global stage,” Ngarivhume said.

He told Chamisa that it was high time leaders started acting against Mnangagwa and led from the front instead of taking a backseat role.

“Now is the time to act. Now is the time for leaders to step forward and lead,” he concluded. 

This is the second time Ngarivhume has pleaded with Chamisa to join forces with no avail. 

Reached for comment Ngarivhume could neither confirm nor deny whether the two parties are currently having talks for a pact.

“Let me discuss with my team first and give you my response. Some of the engagements at this stage are private,” Ngarivhume told Zim Morning Post.

A source within the Ngarivhume camp said Chamisa was avoiding the meeting as he wanted to keep the glory to himself.

“We have made several attempts to meet with his camp but they have kept on ignoring us hoping to call us towards elections but failing to realize that election period has already started,” the close source.

In 2020 Chamisa and the MDC Alliance did not endorse the 31 July Movement which was organized by Ngarivhume.

The movement intended to protest against rampant corruption within public offices and poor service delivery.

Chamisa and his party did not directly endorse the protest although the movement was endorsed by party vice president Tendai Biti and Deputy Chairperson Job Sikhala.

A week before the planned protest Ngarivhume was arrested together with journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and were charged with incitement to participate in public violence.

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