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Mwonzora’s Startling Message to Chamisa: ‘Election Participation a Fool’s Bravery’

Mwonzora’s Startling Message to Chamisa: ‘Election Participation a Fool’s Bravery’

MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora urges opposition parties to boycott the election, deeming participation a fool’s bravery. Mwonzora alleges unfair advantages for Zanu PF, accusing ZEC of bias and punishing his party for challenging the delimitation report.

Unfair Election Practices

Mwonzora voiced concerns over the electoral process. He described it as stacked against the opposition due to anomalies and irregularities. Mwonzora criticized the selective application of the law, with some individuals being arrested while others were exempt.

“Participating in this election is an act of foolish bravery,” stated Mwonzora. “This election is stacked against the opposition. Already, laws are being changed as the election process is going on.

Challenging the Constitution and Boundaries

Mwonzora highlighted discrepancies in the delimitation process. He noted that it did not consider the census results, which were not yet released. He criticized the government’s delay in disclosing the census information. Mwonzora suggested that census information was being used to manipulate the election outcome.

ZEC’s Changing Boundaries

Mwonzora accused ZEC of gerrymandering, asserting boundaries changed mid-election, reported ZimEye. He highlighted over 1,000 unreported polling stations, raising concerns about favoritism towards Zanu PF.

Opposition Determination

While Mwonzora advocated for a boycott, CCC leader Nelson Chamisa vowed that the main opposition party would not withdraw from the poll. Chamisa emphasized their determination to challenge the ruling party through legal means, at the ballot box, and even in the streets if necessary.

“We will fight them in the courts, we will fight them at the ballot box and, if necessary, we will fight them in the streets. We won’t give up because we have the support of the people, but above all God is on our side,” said Chamisa.