‘Mukuhlani should back down, we’ll not back down,’ SRC tells ICC

Zimbabwe’s supreme sports body says it will not act on the International Cricket Council (ICC)’s ultimatum demanding the reinstatement of the suspended Tavengwa Mukuhlani board.

In response to an ICC letter demanding that the Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC) reinstates the suspended ZC board by October 8 or risk Zimbabwe’s membership being terminated, the SRC insisted that the interim committee was staying in office.

“The correspondence advises Mr Mukuhlani that “…Should you wish the ICC to reconsider your suspension, you are required to take all relevant steps to ensure that the Board of Zimbabwe Cricket elected 14 June 2019 is unconditionally reinstated forthwith and in any event no later than 8 October 2019.”

“SRC and the Interim Committee of ZC are not required to do anything in terms of that correspondence and in particular attending to the stated terms and conditions for review of suspension,” the SRC said.

“For the avoidance of doubt, until the suspended ZC board ENSURES for its reinstatement as required of it by the ICC, the interim committee will stay in office and see to the discharge of its mandate as set out in its terms of reference.”

The SRC appointed an interim committee consisting of its own appointees to take over and administer the affairs of Zimbabwe Cricket after they suspended the Mukuhlani led board over alleged misconduct and fraud.

The ICC deliberated on the matter and was of the “unanimous view that the above acts, as well as the full terms of the SRC resolution, removing the democratically elected Board of the Zimbabwe Cricket are acts of government interference.”

“The ICC Board also unanimously resolved that, until otherwise decided by the ICC Board, ZC’s membership of the ICC is suspended with effect from 18 July 2019,” the ICC said in a letter to ZC.

For the avoidance of doubt, this means (a) (b) (c) (d) and includes that, for the period of such suspension, ZC: is deprived of all its rights as a member of ICC; shall not receive any distribution of surplus from ICC revenues; will have no rights to participate in any ICC Events or Cricket sanctioned by the ICC; will have no rights to attend or vote at any meetings,” ICC said.

The ICC said should Zimbabwe wish the ICC to reconsider its suspension, it is required to take all relevant steps to that the Board of Zimbabwe Cricket elected on 14 June 2019 is unconditionally reinstated.