Mugabe family clashes over deceased estate

SOME relatives of the late former President Robert Mugabe have blasted his immediate family for deliberately leaving out some of his wealth in the recently declared estate.

This comes at a time when the late veteran leader’s daughter Bona Mugabe has notified the Master of the High Court of Mugabe’s estate which only includes 10 vehicles.

Mugabe died in Singapore on September 6 this year after battling prostate cancer for at least 13 years.

Bona Nyepudzai Mutsahuni-Chikore, notified the Master’s Office on October 21 and disclosed that her father had US$10 million in a CBZ Bank nostro account and a number of immovable and movable properties.

Declared properties:

*   House Number 129 Forbes, Road, Waterfalls

* Villa Number 65, Gunhill, Harare

*  Number 27 Quorn Avenue, Mt Pleasant

*  Lot GB Helensvale and Lot 1 of subdivision B of Sub G of Helensvale

*  Highfield Farm

*  Zvimba rural farming plot (about 5 acres)

* Zvimba rural home (one hectare)

*  Zvimba orchard (about five acres)

*  10 cars

Family members who spoke to the Zim Morning Post on condition of anonymity expressed shock at the properties that were declared by Bona and accused the former first lady of hiding other properties.

“We are still in a state of shock because we know of other properties that were not declared,” said a close family member.

We as a family have vowed that we will never fight for our late relative’s properties because we know he left behind children and a wife.

So there is no need to hide anything from the public,” said the source.

Another source said Mugabes have the Gushungo Holdings which is missing from the list.

“It is their company which is well known so we expected it to top the list.

But it is not there. May be they sold it without our knowledge,” the source said.

Mugabe ruled this country for 38 years. As a result, he had acquired more than what has been declared.

If they could deliberately leave Gushungo Holdings from the list, what else could have been left out?” the source asked rhetorically.

The late former President is believed to have bought properties in Capetown, South Africa, Malasyia and in some Nothern American islands.

In the past, the media had reported that Mugabe was a billionaire, with the majority wealth acquired from looting.

Recently, the world woke up to the shock that Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion was actually owned by the Zanu PF party, including a Mt Pleasant house which Mugabe reportedly donated to her daughter Bona as a wedding present.